Social Bevy


Your Social Concierge, connecting you to events and activities “YOU” Like

The #1 Social Lifestyle resource for Social Seekers and complete marketing tool for Event Producers!! Get info on events and activities that YOU like plus access and cool perks! Event producers market your event to your target audience and reach all of your followers, current distribution PLUS more!!!

For the Social Seeker (Personal User), Social Bevy is a customized resource for what to do! We provide you with event info, access, connectivity and more based on the your individual desires.

Social Seekers get to:

– Customize the types of events you are interested in learning about

– Find nearby events

– Share events with friends

– Get info on events right on your phone

– Follow your favorite Social Producer

– Create your own Social Network of friends, event producers and types of activities

– Add events to your calendar

– Buy tickets to events you want to attend

– Earn Points for Cool Perks & Discounts just for being a Social Bevy member

– Get recommendations on events and social producers

– Save events you are interested in

Social Producers (Event Producers) are provided with an innovative tech platform via an App Channel (Social Channel) and a complete approach to market and promote to their customer base and beyond.

Social Producers Get:

– App Channels

– App Channel Hosting

– App Channel Maintenance

– Use of App Notifications



In-app Notifications/Messages

– Geo-Fencing Services

– Geo-Location Services

– Extended Social Media Marketing

– Event Listing

– Channel Subscribers

– To offer Promos (Promo codes)

– Ticket Sells

– Video promotions

– Event images

– Social Media Sharing

– Event Analytics

– SB Loyalty Reward Vendor